The Origin of the 535i

For years our family drove a Dodge Durango and a Ford Explorer. That Ford Explorer had seen better days (it was driven back and forth to high school by a teenage boy everyday after all) and it was definitely on it’s last leg. We began to look for something to replace it as a daily driver. We were sick of having two large vehicles and Bill (the father) had always liked the body style of a 1991 535. He was a craigslist professional and stayed diligent in his search for the right car. (He has a wonderful positivity when it comes to craigslist, he always believes that the right car will come along. When deals that seem perfect fall through, he’s always saying ‘It’s alright, that one just wasn’t the one for us. The perfect one is still out there.’) One day as he was looking through ads he found one without any photos that simply read “1991 BMW 535. 99000 miles stainless exhaust Cleanest one around.” After a few emails exchanged he found out the BMW wasn’t too far from where we live so he went to look at it. The owner was right. It was practically the cleanest BMW we've picked up to this day. We closed the deal rather quickly. After that we ran into some issues. By that I mean we went on a snowy day to pick it up and the owner almost wouldn’t let us take it! The car had never even been driven in the rain let alone snow (hence it being so clean.) True to our nature though, we simply said “Cars were designed to be driven,” hopped in and took it home (it helped that we had the title and everything already in our name.) It’s been a stable member of our BMW family since 2008.  Simone's (the daughter) friends affectionally refer to this bmmr as “the chill-mobile.”

Gregg Elhart