The Origin of the 318is

We happened to get pretty lucky with the 318. It wasn’t that tough of a deal. We found it on craigslist and went down to check it out. Offered the owner a deal and got to drive the car home. What was tough was getting it to the clean cut car we wanted it to be. It was drivable, but pretty rough when we got it. We had to strip it down and re paint it. We did a lot of modifications on it. This 318 was truly our first project car so there were a lot of learning curves. We figured it out eventually though. The car has gone through it’s fair share of modifications as well. It has a clutch stop, a short shift, it was straight piped for a while and now has a custom muffler built by Gregg. (Gregg’s wife, Julia, still tells the story of their first date. He picked her up in the 318 which was straight-piped at the time. The car was so loud they couldn’t talk the whole car-ride. She still bemuses how she ended up staying with him. Although she’s definitely come to the car-side. She owns a blue 525IC convertible herself.)

Gregg Elhart