The Origin of the 2002

The story of the 2002 starts really when the engine in the S50 swap blew. We spent a lot of time finding the right engine to replace the s50 (and we wanted to make sure we did it right because Simone was very upset that her car wasn’t running. She loved that thing and wanted to to be exactly the same.) We finally found the right engine and went to pick it up. On the way back from buying the engine we saw a repair shop with what appeared to be a 2002 tucked in the back. Of course we pulled over and went inside to ask if we could look at it. We went home and thought it over. Later Gregg called the shop and found out one of the customers that came to the repair shop owned it. Luckily we got in contact with the owner and found out we had an in, we had cottage on the same inland lake north of us. We then had two things to bond with the owner about, a love for BMW’s and lake life. We quickly cut a deal and went back to the repair shop to drag the thing home. Gregg had been dreaming of owning a 2002 for years and many deals before this had fallen through. It ended up being worth the wait because this 2002 seems to be perfect for what we want to do with it. 

Gregg Elhart