The Origin of the 325IC Convertible

This Red Convertible has quite the backstory. Mary (the mother) had always talked about how she would love to drive to the market and cruise to the beach on sunny days in a red convertible. It had always been a sort of distant dream of hers. “One day when I have grandkids” she always said. Well, Bill (the father) decided she shouldn’t have to wait for grandkids to have a fun car. He found a 1988 red convertible 525IC on craigslist and went to see it. He decided if the bumpers were converted from the diving board style, it would fit the family nicely. (It even had a back seat that could definitely be used for grandchildren.) He bought the car in secret, trailered it to a storage warehouse, and began to work on his secret gift. He didn’t tell anyone in the family his plan. He ordered parts secretly and worked on the car when his wife and kids were out of town or at school so that no one would know. After two years of secret work, he decided the car was finally ready. For Christmas that year he sent his wife on a scavenger hunt all over town. There were a lot of different pieces of paper with clues, keys to the storage unit, the code for the front gate. After spending the time putting all the clues together the family arrived at the storage unit. When they pulled the garage door up both kids (Gregg and Simone) started jumping for joy. It took Mary a little bit to realize that the car was really for her! It was the red convertible she had always wanted! To this day she still takes that convertible to the market, the beach and any other adventure she can. 

Gregg Elhart