Black e30 M3: Origin Story

We had been dreaming of having an e30 M3 since we first started collecting BMW’s. They’re very hard to find, and especially difficult to procure in a reasonable price range. There had been a couple spotted that we tried to grab but we had been outbid and too late many times. One time, our daughter/sister Simone was on a friends large property exploring. As she was walking through the barn on the very back of the property her flashlight swept over a BMW roundel on a vehicle tucked into the back corner of the barn. Of course, being a gear-head herself, she got very excited and started climbing over heavy machinery and other vehicles to get a closer look. After rubbing lots of dust from the back of the car she realized she was looking an M3 and immediately texted her father and brother to tell them about her amazing find. She climbed over the roof of the car to check out the front and even reached through the shattered glass of the front window to pop the hood. After some talking to the owner and lots of deliberation, we finally got to go out and look at the car. Sure enough, over 1 year later her foot prints were still in the dust on the hood of a 1991 e30 M3. We put a down payment on the car in cash and promised to pick it up later in the week. Luckily we gave the down payment because someone called and offered much more shortly after we left! The brakes were locked up and the car wouldn’t start, which proved to be a little bit of a challenge when we went to pick it up. We finally got it out of the barn, on the trailer and dusted off. We couldn’t believe we had found a diamond in a barn in West Olive, Michigan.

Gregg Elhart